Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace


Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace


Purpletree Multi Vendor Marketplace for Opencart extension is a comprehensive solution to add Vendor functions into any Opencart Marketplace store. Features like Vendor Dashboard, Vendor Panel, Commission setup, Settlement management, Product Management by vendors, Shipping management by vendors make it a desirable extension for any store sourcing products from multiple vendors. Our extension is compatible to opencart 2.3.x, 3.x and 4.x

payments and commissions

Payment Settlements


  • Admin earns commission for products sold
  • Complete reports available for commission
  • Complete reports available for payout to sellers
  • Invoices for commission earned by admin
  • Invoices from Admin to sellers for commission earned
  • Invoices also have record of payouts for sellers
  • Payout through PayPal
  • Payout through offlne mode

Live Chat between Seller - Customer


  • Live chat from seller product page
  • Live chat from seller store page
  • Every seller can configure own chat account
  • Unlimited chats via
  • Users directly chat with multiple sellers
  • Does not clash with Live Chat module on the main website
  • Increases conversion due to user interaction
  • Configuring chats is 100% free for sellers
live chat
seller stores

Individual Store Page for every seller


  • Lists all seller products on single page of opencart multi vendor store
  • Contact detail of seller
  • Admin can show/hide contact detail fields
  • SEO URL for seller page
  • Responsive design of Seller Page
  • Seller Branding with Logo and Banner



Multi-Vendor Cart System


  • Buyers can add products from multiple vendors in single cart
  • Checkout and place order for multiple vendors in single checkout
  • Shipping etc. handled for every seller transparently
  • User can browse multipls seller stores
  • Users can browse products either from normal category page or from Seller Store Page
  • Each vendor gets own part of order and processes separately
  • Admin has comprehensive view of all sellers' items for any given order


multi vendor checkout
one page checkout

One Page Checkout Compatible



Bulk Product Upload by Sellers


  • Sellers can upload products using excel sheet
  • Supports unlimited product upload
  • Upload all data related to product like images, options, attributes
  • Products can also be updated using bulk upload
  • Admin can bulk upload on behalf of sellers
  • Products aare uploaded and associated to vendor account in single go
bulk import export
sellers manage products

Sellers can manage products

  • Add/edit/delete products by sellers and admin
  • Seller has full control over own products
  • All the fields available in opencart admin are available for sellers too
  • Bulk import of products is also possible
  • Seller can do bulk import using an excel sheet
  • Admin can also do bulk import on behalf of a seller
  • Product entered by seller becomes a standard opencart product
  • Admin has option to approve a product before it appears on the website

Advanced shipping rules for sellers


  • Sellers can have fixed shipping fee or flexible tiers
  • Tiers can be defined based on parameters
  • Based on zip code, weight, country
  • Option to define shipping per order or per product
  • Admin can set commission on shipping fees also
  • Shipping fee is paid out by admin with sales payouts
advanced shipping module
advanced seller panel

Advanced Vendor Panel


  • Vendors can manage all products and orders
  • Dashboard for summary of orders, commission, payouts
  • Shows summary view as well as detailed view
  • Filters available for easy filtering on every page
  • Sales report
  • Commission report
  • Payouts report
  • Vendor can manage whole lifecycle for any order

Multi Language Support


  • Comes with 19 languages in-built
  • All text from the extension appears in 19 languages
  • No need of any language pack
  • Easy to add any new language in future
multilingual supported
mobile api available

Multi Vendor API for Opencart

  • API for Multi Vendor integration
  • All features and data from the Multi Vendor application is available via the API
  • Useful for creating mobile applications
  • Provides easy integration with external systems like CRM, ERP etc.
  • Detailed documentation available for API specification
  • Data available in standard format like Json

Users can become Sellers

  • Any user can opt to become a seller/vendor
  • Admin can choose if approval is required for becoming a vendor
  • Seller options available in separate menu in user dashboard
  • Convenient single view for all user data
  • Set registration approval
seller registration
rating review

Store ratings and reviews


  • Users can rate the sellers they buy from
  • Users can also write reviews for sellers
  • Seller rating is visible on store page
  • Admin can manage all reviews
  • This is in addition to opencart feature of product reviews/ratings

Access all stores


  • The "Browse Sellers" page shows listingof all sellers
  • Users can browse sellers and/or send enquiry to them
  • Recent products from all sellers are also displayed
  • Sorting and pagination options are available
user search

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